Officers & Chairpersons

Officers and Committee Chairpersons for 2019

Captain Leslie Schiffman
Co-Captain Mindy Caldas
Secretary Tina Richards
Treasurer Sharon Merz
City Rep Hisayo Nakahara
State Trustee Nancy Daly (PNGA, WSGA)


Committee Chair  
The Barbara Bailey
East/West Tournament
Carol Baldwin (Chair)
Barb Calvo, Jane Meadows
Sunny Hwang
Bulletin Board  Need Chairperson  
Directory Leslie Schiffman  
Eclectic Hisayo Nakahara Molly Tomita
  Carol Johnson  
Field Day (Specal Event) Jane Meadows Carol Baldwin
Handicap Priscilla Hickey  
Historian Joyce Sandness  
Match Play Nancy Daly  
Membership Carolyn Leon  
Turkey Shoot Jane Meadows  Carol Baldwin
PNGA/WSGA Nancy Daly  
Publicity / Website Cheryl Mahan  
Remembrances Dianne Lambert  
Team Jane Meadows  
Trophies Nancy Quickstad  
Trophy Luncheon Need Chairperson  
Weekly Competition Megumi Sherrill (Chair)
Jin Sook Cho
Hisayo Nakahara
Wha Rim Koo
  Ada Cheung Naoko Tajima 
  Soyon Kim Tomiko Teramoto