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2021 is here, which means:

OUT WITH THE OLD! Gone is 2020, and so is your BMGC membership and GHIN that goes along with it.

IN WITH THE NEW! Join or renew your membership with the BMGC so that you have an active GHIN as part of the World Handicap System for the rest of this year.

Also included in BMGC Membership: You get to play in THE BEST club tournaments in the Pacific Northwest! The BMGC paid out nearly $42,000 in tournament winnings (side games included) in 2020 - with almost $12,000 of those winnings added to the prize pool by the BMGC...and that is despite Covid-19 restrictions and cancellations.

But even more than the prize winnings: You will be in a club that hosted over 800 members last year. Whether you have a group that you like to play with or are looking to meet new golfers, being a part of the BMGC is the best way to optimize your golf experience.

So what are you waiting for? Join now, and you will be all set and ready to go for golf in 2021.

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