Player Responsibilities


The acceptance of membership in the Bellevue Women’s Golf Club (BWGC) shall bind each member to comply with the rules and regulations of the Club, and the rules and regulations governing the Bellevue Municipal Golf Course

Membership shall consist of women who are free to play 18 holes of golf at Bellevue Golf Course.

To be eligible for competition a member must have an established USGA handicap, or a temporary handicap that will be established after 54 holes of golf on approved courses, one of which must be on Bellevue Golf Course.

Any member playing in competition must play to a handicap of no more than 40.

All competition rounds must be played with another BWGC member and played within the scheduled block of BWGC tee times. The scorecard must be turned in on the day the competition round is played. Each member must sign the competition sheet, enter her score into the computer and place the correctly completed scorecard in the box provided.

Each member is expected to know, understand and play by the current rules of golf as approved by the USGA.

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