INTRODUCING... FlingGolf at Crossroads Par 3! 

What is Flinggolf?

FlingGolf is a sport that everyone can play! You play on the golf course, but instead of hitting a golf ball with a club, you use a FlingStick to hurl the ball and shape your shots from tee to hole.  You can play in the same foursome as traditional golfers. It is scored the same as golf, just count your flings from tee to the hole. Tee shots must be made from behind the tee markers. Take a 1-stroke penalty if your ball lands in the bunker, water or out of bounds. You are allowed 5 paces back from where the ball entered the hazard. 

What is a Fling Stick?

What is a Fling Stick ImageThe Striker Pad (used for putting) -When on the green, position the ball alongside the striker pad on the FlingStick head and putt the ball toward the hole.

The Channel (used from the tee box to the green) - Used for long distance FlingShots from the tee box and fairway and for touch shots closer to the green.

Swing Techniques

Sidearm FlingGolf Overhand FlingGolf Flop Shot FlingGolf
Sidearm/Baseball Overhand/Lacrosse Flop Shot


Include FlingGolf Green Fee & FlingStick Rental 

Adult $18
Senior (60 and over) $16
Junior (under 18) $14
Adult $22
Senior (60 and over) $20
Junior (under 18) $18
Weekend 9 Hole Only  
Adult $18
Senior (60 and over) $16
Junior (under 18) $18

**With the exception of the Weekend 9 hole only rate, all green fees allow players to play multiple rounds if they choose. 


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