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The Bellevue Golf Course promotes learning and skill building in golfers of all ages and abilities based on the philosophy that golf should be enjoyable, challenging and possible for anyone to learn. Our PGA Pro Steve Wozeniak and his wonderful staff of instructors will help you improve your game or adjust your swing.

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Bios, training and qualifications, plus rates for each of our instructors can be found below:


Steve Wozeniak


Steve Wozeniak - PGA Professional and Director of Instruction.

Steve is the only instructor in the Pacific Northwest that has taught winners on all four of the major Tours: the PGA, LPGA, Champions and Nationwide tours. He consistently works with the best Junior and amateur golfers in the state. He quickly turns any level of golfer into Masters of their own swings, with easy to understand sound fundamentals. See how easy the golf swing can be.

Steve Yang


Steve Yang –  PGA Professional

Steve has been working in the golf industry since he was 14 years old. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Degress in Business, a PGA of America Professional Golf Management Degree and a PGA license in 2009. Once he obtained his PGA liccense, Steve became a full time instructor in Camas, WA. Steve is new to the Seattle area and moved here with his wife in June of 2017. Steve emphasizes on improving the mental mindset of his student and improving awareness. "I enjoy helping people find their golf swing by understanding what they need to do and how to do it. I believe that there are golfers and players; golfers golf by trying to hit a shot and players know and understand how." Steve is fluent in English and Korean.   

Matt Anderson


Matt Anderson – PGA Apprentice

Matt Anderson has been a professional at Bellevue GC since 2002. With over 10 years of teaching experience, Matt can help better your game regardless of you skill level. Matt understands that not every golfer is the same, that we all move, learn and feel things differently. It’s this understanding paired with years of acquired golf knowledge that will allow Matt to help you become a better golfer.

Joakim Westman


Joakim Westman –  Teaching Professional

Joakim came over to the U.S. from Sweden when he was 19 years old to play intercollegiate golf. His passion for golf enabled him to learn from some of yesterdays and today’s most legendary golf teachers.

Joakim believes each person have their own unique way of swinging the golf club. The natural balance and rhythm of each golfers swing is as different from player to player as their personalities are different. The challenge most golfers have is that they don’t believe their natural way of playing a golf shot is enough.

Joakim’s gift as a golf teacher is his extraordinary ability to guide golfers back to getting in touch with and experience their own unique “intuitive swing”.

Joakim also holds a Master Degree in Sport Psychology. He has worked with amateur and Professional golfers to realize their maximum potential by utilizing peak performance strategies.

Joakim is the director and coach for the Nike Jr. Camps at Bellevue Golf Course. 

Cheryl Mahan


Cheryl Mahan - Teaching Professional

Cheryl promotes learning the game of golf through solid fundamentals, building on each individual's natural athletic skills. Because of its perplexity, golf challenges us to set attainable goals. She will show you how to reach your potential with positive and easily repeatable actions rather than tired restrictions like "keep your head down" and "left arm straight." She encourages her students to discover aspects of the game they can successfully replicate while mastering new techniques that can be confidently applied to an improved golf game.

Patrick Vaughan


Patrick Vaughan – Teaching Professional

Patrick has been a teacher for over 40 years. After graduating from the University of Washington with a Masters degree in Physical Education, he taught at the High School level and coached various varsity sports including the boys’ and girls’ golf teams. He became a golf teaching professional in 1994 and has worked as an Instructor at Bellevue Golf Course for the past 21 years. His teaching experience over the years has helped him develop great communication skills. 

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