Sports Psychology Classes with Joakim


Joakim Westman is the founder of Peak Performance Strategy. The main focus of his sports psychology sessions is the client develops awareness of themselves and become balanced in their consciousness. Practicing “the strategy” leads to an experiential understanding of yourself. Once you start to “see” your consciousness from awareness, you start to realize what you need to experience in order to become balanced and function at higher levels, which results in peak performance.

Joakim holds a Masters Degree in sport psychology from John F. Kennedy University. He has worked with a wide variety of individuals and teams in different sports and businesses such as: golf, tennis, football, basketball, mortgage brokerage, and real estate.

Joakim’s own interest and drive for self-knowledge and understanding is the backbone of this unique approach to realize your maximum potential as an athlete, business person or your life in general.

Joakim also works with couples. The ability for two individuals to be balanced with each other, means that each person understands what they need to experience in order for their relationship to reach an equilibrium. Once the couple starts to function “in balance” with each other, their creative potential and peak performance as a couple goes to higher levels.


The first step before starting the sessions, is that he will give you a FREE 30 minute introduction and assessment. The purpose of the first meeting is to find out what your needs are in order for you to perform at higher levels. Everything talked about in the sessions are confidential. The sessions are a collaborative process between Joakim and you. He actively listens to what your needs are and serves those needs through utilizing his own awareness and understanding of what strategies to use. Each client has different needs in order for them to perform at higher and higher levels as an athlete, business person, or life in general. Depending on what package you choose, each session is either 60 or 90 minutes long. Couples are charged per individual and the price is 20% less than the individual rates. Sessions are conducted in person or via Skype.


1 Session 60 minutes - $160
1 Session 90 minutes - $200
5 sessions 60 minutes - 720
5 sessions of 90 minutes - $900
10 sessions of 60 minutes - $1360
10 sessions of 90 minutes - $1700

Questions? Or to book a session/package, please contact Joakim at or (425) 452-7250  ext. 3308

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